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Case Study Copywriter    

Helping you reach more clients through storytelling 


Share More Stories. Get More Clients. 

Are you struggling to reach more clients

Maybe getting clients isn't the problem - its attracting the right clients? Clients willing to pay what you’re worth.

Theres one way to attract your ideal clients that your current marketing strategy may be missing. 

And its something you already have - success stories

Nothing sells quite like past successes.


If you can demonstrate how you have helped your clients achieve their wins you have all the social proof you need to attract your ideal clients. 

55% of customers are more likely to purchase from a business if they enjoy the business’s story. 

So you just need to put your success stories out there - with case studies. 

That is where I come in. 

My name is Laneige Conde and I am a storyteller extraordinaire also known as a case study copywriter

I can help you to tell the story of your business - and the value that you bring to each and evey one of your clients. 

With case study copywriting the social proof of what you have done for a client is put front and center in a riveting and heartfelt story.


And stories sell.

Case studies go deeper than testimonies and can be used again and again to help showcase your many talents.

And the best part of case studies is they don't need to be boring. 

They can be more than problem, strategy, solution. They can tell a full enriching story. 

They can be fun! 

Using storytelling to sell creates greater trust and and demonstrates who you are and what you do for your client.


They huminize as well as sell. 

It's time to showcase how amazing your business is and the success that others have found because of it.

With a great case study, you can:

  • Increase sales 

  • Organically generate leads for your business 

  • Grab the attention of new clients 

  • Deepen your connection with existing clients 

  • Establish yourself as a trusted leader in your field

  • Lead people to your site 

If this seems like something you’d like to explore I'd love to help. 

Using storytelling to highlight your business successes is a fantastic way to relate to your clients and connect with new ones. 

When working with me you will get:

  • Client Interview -No need to stress about connecting with past clients to get their story, I will do that for you. I engage with your past clients in a professional and accessible way. 

  • The Case Study - This is the magic. The social proof is written in a captivating way that will draw in new leads and sales.

  • SEO Optimization - You want everyone to be able to find these amazing success stories. SEO will ensure they are seen by the potential clients who are looking for them.

  • Repurposing Ideas - The magic doesn’t stop with a case study. You can redraw from one case study, again and again, to make new content in the form of blogs, social media posts, and emails. I will help you to come up with some great strategies for repurposing your case study.

  • Formatting - With formatting your work will be appealing to skimmers as well as in-depth readers 

  • Editing - I will ensure that your work is error-free and ready to go  

"Laneige is a fantastic copywriter who knows how to write an amazing case study. She goes above and beyond in her work, and I highly recommend her!"

Lauren Littlewood

Littlewood Copy

Services & Rates 

Taking Notes

Full Feature Case Study 
Starting at $1000

The social proof of what you have done for your clients. The story that will help you sell. This copy reads like a newspaper feature article. Copy, interview, design, and ideas for repurposing included. 

Image by Ben Kolde

One Page Case Study 
Starting at $500

The same social proof in a smaller package. Short, sweet, and to the point. One page case studies demonstrate your skills in a short form document. Copy, interview, and design are included. 

Travel Apps

SEO Blogs
Starting at $200

Blogs are a great way to establish credibility and authority in your field. They also help to increase your ranking on search engine sites like Google.

Ask me about bundle packages and retainers. 

About Me

Hello! My name is Laneige Conde and I am a case study copywriter and SEO Specialist. 

I started my writing career as a journalist but quickly learned that I wanted more freedom from my career. 

I knew that I still wanted to write, but also craved the flexibility of what and when I get to write. 

That's when I discovered case studies and copywriting. 

I can still flex my writing AND interviewing muscles all while looking for the best way to present a story that will not only sell but also connect with readers. 

And the best part is that the stories I tell impact other entrepreneurs like myself. 

In telling the stories of other entrepreneurs, I can help businesses flourish and grow

I get to bring a business's journey to life, which is so fulfilling. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's tell your story in an engaging and fun way, and get more clients in the process. 

Let's share the magic of your business using the magic of storytelling. 


Book a Discovery Call

Curious about how we can get your brand's story out there? Let's talk about it. Book a 15-minute discovery call and we can go over everything you'll need to get your business's story heard. 

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