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What the Heck is a Marketing Case Study? And Can it Help You Generate More Business?

Updated: Jan 9

You may have been hearing a great deal of buzz around marketing case studies. If you’ve heard the term but your mind goes straight to Sigmund Freud and that one semester of Psychology 101 you took freshman year of college, I don’t blame you.

Let me assure you that case studies don’t only apply to Freud and the wider world of psychology. They are also a highly valuable tool for businesses (more on that coming up).

As an entrepreneur, you are probably already sitting on valuable client success stories either in the form of testimonials or by word of mouth.

However, if you’ve been struggling to get deeper than a testimonial, or haven’t capitalized on the praise a client is giving you directly, you are missing out on the wonders of storytelling for your business.

Marketing case studies are all the social proof you need. And it may be the thing missing from your business marketing campaign.

Interview client for marketing case study

Case Studies are Stories that Sell

So what is a marketing case study? The short answer is a client success story. Case studies from a marketing standpoint highlight how a company or product helped to solve a client's problem. It is a storytelling method meant to drive interest in a business using past successes from one client's point of view.

Companies (or case study copywriters) interview past customers in great detail and then tell the client's story in a compelling way. A well-done case study can take readers on a very high-stakes ride and leave them inspired to want to work with a company. This leads to a greater number of leads and sales for your business.

Do All Businesses Need Case Studies?

I’m going to come right out and say yes. Case studies are not mandatory, (and the business owner police won’t show up and wreak havoc if your business doesn’t have any to showcase), but they can be a tremendous asset for your business.

Digital marketing industry leader Neil Patel details how he used case studies in his own business emails to grow his sales by a whopping 185%. That’s a lot of sales!

How can a simple case study produce such staggering results?

Marketing case studies help to establish authority and trust in a company before a potential client has even made a purchase.

Let’s say someone is interested in what you have to offer, but they're still on the fence about giving you their business. They then stumble upon a case study detailing one user's successes while working with you.

There is real tangible proof that you are a successful business owner. Social proof that you’re a badass. The likelihood of that person deciding it is worthwhile to work with you has just increased exponentially. The proof of your badassery is right there in your case study.

Case studies done correctly weave a compelling story that draws readers in and leaves them feeling hopeful that they - like the customer featured in your case study - are going to have a positive experience working with you.

It is a good review magnified to great detail! It shows exactly what challenges you have helped to solve - and the real-world impacts that it has had on real people. Talk about powerful!

Working on marketing case study

Marketing Case Studies VS Testimonials

Now you may be thinking, “Hey I have a lot of great testimonials - isn’t that the same thing?”


While testimonials reflect a customer's positive experience, they are not as powerful as a marketing case study. Testimonials are typically short and to the point. They fall short of capturing the deep, soul level of what exactly your business has done.

A testimonial doesn’t tell a potential client anything about the root of the problem your business helped solve.

Why was this client having trouble?

What strategy did you use to help and how was it implemented?

What were the exact results of your hard work for this client?

A case study gets into all of this. The nitty-gritty of what was done for this client. It is so important to highlight the process because potential clients reading could see themselves in the case study. And if you solved that client's problem, you can solve theirs as well.

How is your company affecting people in real-time? A case study will show exactly how.

Going Beyond Marketing Case Studies

Once you have decided to dive into the amazing world of case studies, the possibilities are endless. You now have this glowing, long-form, comprehensive review that you can draw from again and again. Repurposing a case study is an endless treasure trove of content. The more case studies you have, the more content you can create (or repurpose).

You can pull quotes from various case studies and put them on landing or sales pages. You can make each different case study into an email sequence. You can use them as social media posts and shout out all your favorite clients on various platforms. This can save you so much time and stress when you want to keep a constant online presence.

Explaining marketing case study to client

Get Help With Your Case Studies

If you find yourself too busy (we’ve all been there), work with a case study copywriter who can help you through this. Case study copywriters are expert storytellers and would love to help you showcase how you are making a difference in this world. They do all the heavy lifting for you!

As a case study copywriter myself, I will interview past clients, write the compelling journey shared between you and your client, and give you great ideas on how to repurpose content from the case study. This can help you to free up more time and generate more leads and sales for your business.

If you are looking for someone to help write a kickass case study, book a discovery call, and let’s chat about it.

If you want to try and tackle a case study on your own, here are some great tips to get started.

The most important thing is that your stories are getting out there for everyone to hear. Let’s get to sharing!

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